A truly global organization, Neeyamo has feet on the ground in over 190 countries as a premier provider of best in class HRO solutions. We utilize this wide swath of global presence to ensure that we all see the world and approach challenges with a holistic perspective. Every employee at Neeyamo is empowered to ensure the success of its clients – we strive for excellence in all tasks.

Neeyamo is a 100% employee-owned organization with opportunities provided to its employees to be granted an ownership stake, thereby ensuring that the employees stay aligned to the vision of the organisation and thereby contributing to his future growth without interference from external public markets or venture partners who at times tend to demand growth at the cost of service excellence.

From hosting, corporate parties to ensuring true gender-neutral hiring, from executing impartial pay and promotion practices to providing flexible work hours for facilitating work/life balance Neeyamo looks upon its employees like family – something immediately apparent when one steps into one of our global offices.

We encourage you to engage with us, push us, challenge us, and take us up on offer to truly understand why Neeyamo is different. We promise that it will be worth your time.